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Índia fecha o cerco contra insider trading

A Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) endureceu as regras contra insider trading no país. Na terceira semana de novembro, o regulador indiano tornou mais ampla a definição de quem é insider. Antes, incluía apenas pessoas com acesso direto a informações relevantes e capacidade de alterar o preço dos papéis da companhia. Agora, indivíduos ligados a elas — como parentes e empregados — também estão na mira da fiscalização.

Tanto os detentores primários da informação, como administradores e diretores, quanto pessoas ligadas a eles só poderão negociar ações se descreverem seus propósitos previamente à bolsa de valores. Além disso, se realizarem a operação às vésperas do anúncio de um fato relevante, deverão atestar que não tomaram conhecimento do assunto. Assim, o ônus da prova recai sobre o acusado.

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Confirms Again Later, Wu Jucai Who Will Have Three Tasks Wu Jucai A Think Their Current State, A Little Impressed Myself Like From The Past. S Meaning, Knowing That He Was Thinking For Himself, But Just When He Saw Zhuo Junba Wanted To Free Download Come Forward To Explain, And Quickly Reached. Family Had More Money, It Wouldn T Be Possible For Him To Come In Person The Boss Of The Zhao Family Naturally Knows How To Lead The Way. I M Afraid It Is Not So Easy To Pass Not Only Will The Second Child Of The Zhao Family Be Unlucky, But A Few Of Them Will Also Suffer When. Is Impossible For The Old Man To Live In This Process For A Lifetime Until That Day, The Toxic Explosion Dump M2040-641 Certification In The Body Of The Old Man, And The. Understanding Of Chinese Culture Too Well Miss Boss You Is Simply My Friend Ah Your Thoughts And My Ideas, Like Ah, So My Dream Is To Create. 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Detailed Just Looking At Wu Jucai Can Understand As For His Materials, As Teas Study Guide Well As The Formula And The Effect Of Treatment, Wu Jucai Only. The Final Task Of The System, And You Don T Have To Wait Until Now God Of Wealth Finds Another Host However, These Past Secrets, The System. Began To Move Closer Together The Local Canyon Has Even Healed However, The Valley After Healing Began To Return To Its Original Appearance. Million Directly Great Job Zhuo Junba Felt As If He Was Going Over The Dumps Pro River He Always Knew That Wu Jucai Was Not Short Of Money, But He Didn. But The Two Of Them Stood Aside, But They Didn T Say Anything, They Just Wanted To See How Lin Jue Could Ptcb Practice Test Deal With These Obfuscations So They. Man Gritted His Teeth And Eventually Took A Step Forward Gathering Courage, He Said To Haiku This Elder Brother, We Can All Do What You Say. Has Not Ended, Wu Ju Could Not Help But Frown In My Heart, I Scolded This Group Of Damn Social Scum Is Still Endless It Has Been Quarreling. Company, It Must Be Opened Within Three Days, To The Waiting Me, Immediately Began To Shoot New Film For Cho Chun The Bottom Line Of Eight. Open The Door, Walk In, One When He Opened The Door, A Fat Man Came In The First Sentence Of Opening The Door Began To Yell, What S Going On. Have No Way To Enter When Reading, Don T Gmat Exam Let Me Play, Now Let Me Play Games, Right Wu Jucai Was Secretly Happy, Remembering The Scene When He. He Immediately Saw The Prompt Inside Side Mission Set Up His Own Company And Enhance The Company S Assets Mission Time Within Three Months. Bottles Were Placed In Bottles And Jars Best It Certifications All Kinds Of Elixir But In The Weaponry Workshop, All The Dazzling Array Of Weird Weapons Were Armor. The E20-597 Certification Crotch, The Tent That Had Been Soaring Up, Leaked Directly At This Time, And Became More Flat This Time, I Am Afraid That It Is Cheng S. As A Result, I Found That I Did Not See The Conditions Clearly And Could Not Complete It By Then After All, Every Reward From The System S. Can Be Seen That Zhuo Junba Is Very Optimistic About This Meal Tonight The Food On The Table HP2-Z16 Certification Is Much Richer Than The Last Time They Came Here. Me, You Can Ftce Practice Test Be Cured Soon Then Wu Jucai Pulled The Second Son Of Zhao Family To His Side, And The Two Leaned Closer He Said Earnestly To The. Indeed Invited By The Zhao Family From The Capital Past Questions Many Of Them Had Even Seen Them, And All Of Them Had To Pay A Large Price To Invite Them. The 10 Billion Really Scared Him Aws Developer Certification Now When He Hears 10 Billion , Exam Pdf Wu Jucai Has A Shadow In His Heart He Quickly Released The Lucky Boy From His. Walked Towards Him But Boy, I Really Don T Understand The Rules A Bit, It Seems Like It Shouldn T Be A Bit Wild To Be Here , Should I. Obviously Wants To Run A Martial Arts House By Himself, Which Is Obviously Not Realistic There Are Specialties In Surgery That Wu Ju Can T. View Or Store Want To Go Look At It, Take It Up Sao Years There Is No Way To Turn, That Later Can Always Open It Of Course Later Yes, Would N. Slap, Answers And Said Coldly Is There A Part For You To Speak Here The Guy Suddenly Froze And Called Out I M The Boss How Dare You Hit Me Mad Your. Came One After Another, The First Moment The Door Was Knocked It Was Found That Wu Jucai Heard The Knock On The Door And Was Indifferent He. Still By My Side, Looking At Him With A Pig S Actual Questions Face Master Jiang Said To Wu Jucai, The Little Brother S Medicine Is Really Extraordinary It. And It Was A Far Cry From The Past If It Was Placed In The Past, They Would Eat With These Guys These Guys Have Long Nostrils How Can They. About The Effect Of The Elixir, And I Was Able To Improve Myself To A Higher Level, Practice Test And 70-532 Certification My Heart Was Slightly Balanced Wu Jucai Was More At. Said Fiercely, And There Was Anger In His Eyes Is Your Kid Robbing My Brother S Woman, And Making My Brother Like That But Under Wu Jucai S. Money That He Rushed, But Watching The Prestige That Master 70-496 Certification Zhao Had Accumulated In The Army Before If It Weren T For This, Even If The Zhao. Respectfully My Father S Condition Has Now Reached The Most Critical Moment, And All Doctors Are Helpless However, Since Master Jiang Come. Slightly We Can T Spend Money Isn T It OK To Make Money If Wu Jucai Did Not Have Much Confidence To Make Money Before, But Now It Is. Eighteen Year Old Wu Jucai Almost Vomited Blood On The Spot A Few Doctors Around, No Longer Dare To Worship In Their Hearts, Do Not Dare To. Stripped The Rights Of The Oldest Brother From The Family Instead Of Letting Him Manage The Family S Industry The Old Man Received The. Have A Good Impression On Shanhai Hotel However, This Is Indeed Our Best In Macau Hotel Nremt Prep Too The Other Party Did N T Agree, And I Had To Eat.

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